Pool Rules

Bay Venues’ Pool & Supervision Rules are strictly enforced at all Tauranga Pools for the safety of our pool users.
Pool Rules

By entering this facility, you must follow these rules and any instructions from facility staff:

  • Shower before bathing
  • Wash after using the toilet
  • Use facilities to dress
  • Toddlers must use aqua nappies
  • Use tables for food and drink (keep away from pools)

Standard swim wear and aqua tops/bottoms must be worn in the pool (chlorine resistant swim wear recommended). No underwear, boxers, singlets, shirts, heavy shorts or trousers are permitted in the pool.

We recommend the removal of jewellery before entering the pool.

Children under 8 years must be actively supervised by a caregiver 16 year or older

No running, pushing, bombs, antisocial behaviour, smoking, alcohol/drugs are permitted.

Approval is needed from sta¬ff before taking video or photos

Pools may be closed at any time for safety reasons

Vacate pools 15 minutes before closure time

Mobility facilities are for those who genuinely require them

Do not enter any pool for at least 14 days after having diarrhoea

Regular water intake strongly recommended due to pool temperatures

Staff reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you to leave at any time.

Pool Rules


Under 5 year old children must be accompanied by a caregiver, over the age of 16, who is in the water, an arms length away at all times.

5-8 year old children must be watched at all times and the caregiver must be able to provide immediate help. The caregiver, 16 years or over, must be close enough to:

  • see the child
  • be seen by the child
  • hear the child
  • be heard by the child

We do not consider you to be actively supervising if you are using a mobile phone, in another pool or in the changing room.

Pool Rules
Pool Rules
Pool Rules